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http_flood in docker

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go docker

I built a (somewhat bloated) docker image for http_flood with a simple Dockerfile

root@dovm1:~# docker run -p 7070:7070 justinazoff/http-flood
Unable to find image 'justinazoff/http-flood' (tag: latest) locally
Pulling repository justinazoff/http-flood
0d71f044c41f: Download complete
511136ea3c5a: Download complete
adfd622eb223: Download complete
9a776d8a79dd: Download complete
1819c4b85615: Download complete
032f3d3190f6: Download complete
6c027abac266: Download complete
f05032d12482: Download complete
11a10f000aca: Download complete
01df4a932bd2: Download complete
2013/12/01 02:33:20 Listening on :7070

There seems to be a severe performance impact of running through docker though, running across the loopback interface I get 434.5MB/s, running through docker I get 48.6MB/s. Further testing locally is needed. Running bare-metal on my linux laptop it easily pushes over 2000MB/s